Week #3: Staying the Course

As I talked about last week, my follow through seems to be lacking a little bit these days.  But we have continued to try to stick it out for our financial challenge month.  I will admit, it definitely hasn’t been perfect.  I think this week things slid of the rails a bit because we were busier. When you are... Continue Reading →

Week #2: The Follow Through

“Words are meaningless without intent and follow through.” As evident by the fact that my week # 2 post is coming halfway through week # 3, I am having a little bit of follow through trouble these days.  It is an issue that I am finding permeates more areas of my life than I would care... Continue Reading →

Week #1: Perceived Deprivation

We have completed the first week of our non-essential spending freeze.  If I am being honest, it wasn’t too hard.  I think, as with any behavior you are trying to minimize, the perception of deprivation was harder for me than anything else.   My husband and I agreed to the freeze and began on Monday April 1, even... Continue Reading →

Starting A No Spend Month

In the spirit of full disclosure, budgeting can be tricky.  It is often a word that strikes fear into the hearts of grown adults.  People ask what will I have to give up? Or, how boring will my life be when I am budgeting?  According to dicitionary.com:  Budgetnoun an estimate, often itemized, of expected income and expense for a... Continue Reading →

What’s In a Financial Aid Award?

It’s March! Which means one thing...financial aid awards will soon be going out from Colleges and Universities across the country (oh, and I guess spring break is coming up too).  Receiving a financial aid award is often confusing to students and parents alike. There are so many different forms financial aid can take and it... Continue Reading →

The Financial Diet – A Review

The Financial Diet: A Total Beginner’s Guide to Getting Good with Money  by Chelsea Fagan and designed by Lauren Ver Hage (September, 2017) is a book based on the blog by the same name that has evolved into a great resource for personal finance.  You can visit the site here.  It has a wealth of... Continue Reading →

Financially Fearless: A Review

One of the things I am constantly astounded by is the sheer number of personal finance books in the marketplace today.  It can be overwhelming to even know where to start as you try to research financial topics and become more informed.  So, in keeping the conversation going about money, from time to time I... Continue Reading →

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